AES has extensive experience providing geologic consulting expertise to the industries of mineral exploration and development, natural resources, energy resource exploration and development, and geotechnical engineering. Since 1985, we have offered a wide range of services to state agencies, native corporations, and mining and exploration companies. Our experienced geological team can assist in a range of services including:

Project Management – AES has managed multiyear exploration projects with budgets of up to $20 million.
Property Assessment and Appraisal – AES has worked throughout Alaska as well as in Canada and the southern 48 states. We have also worked in Australia, South Africa, South America and Greenland. This exposure to many deposit types and properties strengthens AES ability to assess and appraise.

Assessments include the geology but also consideration of the basic economics of a prospect or property. Appraisals can be more detailed including comparisons to other properties and preliminary measurement of economic parameters. Professional reports for the securities exchange must meet stringent requirements.

Program Development – AES looks at the goals of companies and suggests the best way to achieve them. It is strategic planning for resource development.

Geologic Mapping – With an emphasis on mineral deposits, AES geologists are bedrock and structure mappers. Because of the great extent of glacial, alluvial and windblown sediments covering Alaska and our work supporting engineering and construction we have experience in surficial geology as well. Lidar is one of our favorite data sets to review prior to field work.

Geochemical Surveys – These surveys are one of the most important techniques for understanding and uncovering ore deposits. Many methods are used to acquire the data and to analyze the samples. The field programs must be well planned to maximize the coverage of each program. AES has extensive history in carrying out these surveys.

Prospecting – This is learned skill often acquired before or after formal education. It is the skill of panning or the recognition of important minerals in hand specimen. It is the ability to observe something unusual in natural patterns. AES has recognized and helped develop this skill over the years.

Diamond Drilling – This is a common technique for acquiring hard data on the grade and orientation of ore deposits. It is the accepted method for proving up a deposit short only of mining itself. Understanding what you can accomplish with a drill, the problems that can arise, the cost and logistics involved are paramount to success. AES has been managing drilling jobs for over 30 years. Beginning in 2007 AES has owned and operated diamond drills.

Trenching Programs – Often in remote areas away from road access, AES is used to trenching where equipment must be mobilized by helicopter or small fixed wing.

Geologic Staffing – Where clients need to add specific skill sets and experience to their own staff AES has provided assistance by supplying geotechnical core logging, geologic core logging, core cutting and sampling as well as mapping and report writing.

Quality Assurance and Quality Control – AES understands the necessary protocols to assure that sampling is cross checked and follows a chain of custody.

Technical Reporting – The skill of writing has always been a part of AES’ focus. In recent years production of written documents that adhere to securities requirements has increased. Several AES staff are now Certified Professional Geologists.