Alaska Earth Sciences began offering core drilling services in 2007 with a lightweight, Multi-Power Discovery I drill rig. The success of that rig for both AES and our clients led us to expand our fleet. We now have 7 drills with an extensive inventory of back-up parts as well as downhole tooling inventory. In addition to the drills (specs provided below), downhole tooling, and rod inventory, many ancillary systems are available to support exploration drilling projects. These include duplex and triplex high-pressure water pumps, mud mixing and recirculation tanks, double-wall fuel tanks, spill containments, high-pressure water line, water tanks, fuel pumps, generators, welders, and hand and power tools to accompany each drill. In the safety department, AES keeps a full inventory of first aid kits, trauma kits, AED devices, survival barrels and fall protection gear and many forms of PPE.