Exploration companies, state and federal agencies and communities now recognize the vital role that an informed public plays in the successful development of any project. Alaska Earth Sciences (AES) is sensitive to the social and economic impacts of development on rural villages. Our projects are closely connected to the surrounding communities, offering direct employment and contracts with local businesses whenever possible. We always strive to acknowledge our impact and involve stakeholders throughout our presence in an area.

AES advocated for and facilitated stakeholder engagement in Alaska before it became standard operating procedure and is committed to continuing this work on behalf of our clients and the communities in which they operate.

Engaging with and responding to the individuals and organizations affected by a development project can help companies perform better. It increases a company’s knowledge and contributes to its social license to operate.

AES’s community engagement professionals work to develop and manage effective, results-driven engagement efforts. Your project will profit from our wide range of stakeholder relations/community engagement services that aide in permitting and operations while ensuring that surrounding communities optimize the benefits of your development.

AES will support operating companies in Alaska by facilitating communication and negotiation of:

  • Expectations of the incoming company to the broader industry and Alaskan community;
  • Expectations of community and regional stakeholders;
  • Local, state, and federal regulations;
  • Legacy issues;
  • Evolving international standards, and how to apply those standards at the local level; and
  • Many other challenges

AES team will engage with local entities to:

  • Establish working relationships with Community and/or Tribal council regarding local hiring and contracting.
  • Complete network mapping to identify and engage formal and informal community leaders
  • Organize and facilitate community meetings
  • Facilitate focus groups to identify key issues of consideration for operations and permitting
  • Develop project and community-specific workforce development goals and programs