Koniag, Inc., Shakmanof Cove, 2009 – 2015

Koniag, Inc. looked to develop a granitic pluton on the west side of Shakmanof Cove approximately 11 miles north-northwest of the town of Kodiak. Alaska Earth Sciences (AES) was contracted to provide geologic consulting services, acquire necessary permits, and conduct diamond core drilling to explore the subsurface of the quarry site. The initial assessment of three sites included aerial LiDAR survey and desktop analysis where surface geology and structures were interpreted.  AES drilled the initial core holes with their small Discovery One drill producing over 1800’ of BTW core.  Interpretive mine maps were prepared based on Lidar, surface mapping and drilling which identified best areas for production of large rock, intermediate rip rap and smaller fill. The maps also showed best areas for backfill of waste and known fault zones.  AES was involved with this project throughout its early exploration through its first quarry production and sale of products