AES has a long history of writing professional reports that document the assessment of mineral properties, geological and geotechnical investigations.

Several of AES’s Certified Professional Geologists have published “NI43-101” technical reports required by the Canadian Securities Administration for public disclosure of information relating to mineral properties in Canada, or mineral properties owned or explored by companies which are listed on the TSX Venture Exchange (TSV-X) or the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX).

Examples of Project Reports:

Alaska Division of Geological and Geophysical Surveys: Redman, E.C., Retherford, R.M., and Hickok, B.D., 1984, Geology and geochemistry of the Skagway B-2 Quadrangle, southeastern Alaska, Report of Investigation 84-31.

Alaska Division of Geological and Geophysical Surveys: Merritt, R.D., McGee, D.L., Clough, J.G., and Belowich, M.A., 1987, Coal Atlas of the Alaska Peninsula (unpublished report).

The Aleut Corporation: Guhl, M.D., Ellis, W.T., and Angel, A.K., 2008, Aleut Region Mineral Potential Prospectus (unpublished).

Andover Ventures, Inc.: Ellis, W.T., 2007, Technical Report: Sun Property Volcanogenic Massive Sulfide Deposit, Ambler Mining District, Northwestern Alaska. (NI43-101 report)

Chugach Alaska Corporation: 2009 Prospectus on the Bering River Coal Field, Alaska (unpublished).

Laurus Energy Inc.: Belowich, M.A., 2008, Preliminary Coal Gasification Potential Report: Beluga Area, Alaska (unpublished).

Full Metal Minerals Inc.: Retherford, R.M., and Ellis, W.T. Report on Pebble South Properties 2008 Technical Report, Iliamna Area, Southwest Alaska (NI43-101 report).

Bristol Bay Native Corporation: Ellis, W.T. and Guhl, M.D., 2009, Report on KUY Prospect
(NI43-101 report).

“I want to tell you how much we have enjoyed hosting your drill crew this summer. We have had work crews in the past and were a little skeptical about taking on a drilling crew with all of the stories we have heard.

I'm here to tell you that your drillers are definitely a cut about the rest. Each and every one of them we've had on the job here are fine respectful, thankful, kind, considerate, gentlemen. They are to be commended for the new image of the Alaskan Driller that they portray.

I would welcome them back at the Lodge any time, whether on work or pleasure.
Thanks again for hiring a great bunch of guys.”
John Rusyniak, Log Cabin Wilderness Lodge