In today’s fast-paced exploration industry, project managers are spending significant amounts of field time managing the transportation of people, supplies, and equipment -- distractions from your program objectives.

From our fully equipped Anchorage base, we are able to provide coordination of permitting, personnel, transportation, and supplies, utilizing the best communication tools to all remote sites.

AES applies sound management principles to logistics operations for efficient and cost effective delivery and administration of all your logistical needs. 

Management Services:

  • Project planning and cost estimating
  • Logistics coordination and expediting
  • Communications
  • Equipment rental
  • Procurements 
  • Fuel management
  • Supply chain management
  • Freight and transportation management 
  • International shipping and customs

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“Alaska‚Äôs logistics can be complex and time consuming, with small errors carrying big price tags. Save time and money by keeping your team focused on their primary objectives and core competencies.” David Redgrave, Logistics Manager