Our Projects

Susitna Watana Hydroelectric Project

AES was hired as the Logistics Coordinator for the Susitna Watana Hydroelectric Project operated by the Alaska Energy Authority (AEA) in 2013.  The overall project budget was $95M for that fiscal year.  AES provided logistics planning, implementation and support for contractor field crews numbering between 120-150 personnel in the summer and around 30-50 throughout the winter.  AES handled proposal/RFP/Contract negotations for helicopter, fixed-wing, boats, rail, provision of camps/food, strategically placed fuel depots, training, medical services and bear guards to support the scientifc work being conducted by the AEA contractors. AES also provided management oversight of the logistics and subcontractor field crews providing services, purchasing and invoicing, personnel and asset tracking, and staffing at various locations.  AES continues to provide these services to this project in 2014.

Southwestern Alaska Geothermal Exploration - Naknek Electric Association

In a period of less than four months, AES planned, organized, and successfully mobilized all the drilling equipment and supplies required to drill a well 12,000' deep in a green field with no existing infrastructure or oilfield services.  More than 8 million pounds of material was moved by truck and rail to shipping terminals in Seattle and Anchorage, then by barge to the port of Naknek in Bristol Bay.  

The load included a big oil rig, cement, casing, drilling muds, logging and cementing trucks, winch and dump trucks, and all types of scientific equipment.  From the port, all materials had to be moved by truck over local roads, and finally over an access road to the drilling pad, built by contractors directed by AES.

Once the drilling operation commenced, AES was responsible for coordinating contractor's travel to the site from points across Alaska and the lower 48 states, and for keeping supplies, parts, and drilling materials flowing to the site in a timely and efficient manner.  When the barging season closed for the winter, air freight and air charter services were utilized to keep the drill turning despite all manner of mechanical, down-hole, and weather-induced challenges.

A logistics manager was stationed on-site for the first phase of the project, backed by a team of expediters and operations support staff at Alaska Earth Sciences' headquarters in Anchorage. 


Support for this remote exploration program included procurement, shipping via truck, provision of accommodations and meals, fuel and fuel containments, helicopter, 24/7 field program support, and demobilization.

Linc Energy

Support for this drilling program in the Beluga Field included procurement, shipping via air, barge and truck from the Lower 48 and Anchorage to the Beluga/Tyonek area, meals and accommodations, equipment sourcing and leasing, passenger and cargo charters (fixed wing and helicopter).  One of the features of AES logistics support is a single point of contact -- 24/7 -- for field personnel that keeps operations going through every challenge encountered in the course of a project.  This includes fuel tracking and operations, fuel containments, all terrain vehicles, road and site construction, laborers, and reverse logistics.

Cook Inlet Regional Corporation

Alaska Earth Sciences provided support for a winter seismic survey that included remote site management, procurement, shipping (all modes of transport) from the lower 48 and Anchorage to the Beluga/Tyonek area, meals and accommodations.  Our services included equipment sourcing and leasing, passenger and cargo charters (fixed wing and helicopter), logistics single point of contact 24/7, fuel tracking, operations and containments, all terrain vehicles, construction, laborers, and reverse logistics.



“Alaska‚Äôs logistics can be complex and time consuming, with small errors carrying big price tags. Save time and money by keeping your team focused on their primary objectives and core competencies.” David Redgrave, Logistics Manager