Our Projects

Supporting Geothermal Exploration on Bristol Bay

Naknek Electric Association is undertaking a geothermal drilling program to develop an alternative to diesel fuel for electrical generation and heating in Naknek, King Salmon, and South Naknek.  Alaska Earth Sciences provided project management, logistics, permitting, engineering, geophysical and geological services to help launch the project. 

CSAMT-AMT-MT and ground magnetic surveys were used to define the drill target. 

AES personnel helped secure and mobilize a 2,000-ton drill rig and all the supplies and equipment to drill the first well, contracted for drilling services, and supervised construction of the drill pad and storage cells. 

AES geologists provided mudlogging and analysis of formations. An AES project manager coordinated subcontractors, permitting and environmental assessment activities, and federal and state grant compliance.

Supporting Geothermal Exploration in South Central Alaska

Ormat, the largest developer of geothermal energy worldwide, is in the exploration phase of its geothermal leases on the flank of the active composite volcano, Mt. Spurr. It is the closest obvious geothermal energy source to the city of Anchorage and South Central Alaska’s energy grid. 

AES provided engineering and logistical consulting for the feasibility phase of the project, and camp and logistics support for the 2010 and 2011 geological, geophysical, and exploratory drilling exploration programs.

“Alaska‚Äôs logistics can be complex and time consuming, with small errors carrying big price tags. Save time and money by keeping your team focused on their primary objectives and core competencies.” David Redgrave, Logistics Manager