Our Projects

Nortwest Arctic Borough, Alaska - Red Dog Mine

In 2012, Teck Alaska contracted AES to supply a team of geologist to execute the geotechnical engineering drill program, designed to elucidate the structure of the deposit at depth, and to provide the data to evaluate pit slope stability. The geotechnical team measured and collected structural and geotechnical data from oriented core on a production drill rig, while supervising the geotechnical drilling on-site and creating the geotechnical database.

Kodiak Island, Alaska -Shakmanof Quarry

AES has been providing geologic consulting to Koniag Native Corporation for its proposed Shakmanof quarry since 2009. AES completed a geologic and structural interpretation of aerial photography and Lidar data, followed by mapping rock outcrops within the project area. We completed a diamond-core drilling program of six holes to test rock quality and confirm the structural regime. The quarry would make use of granitic rock for construction material.

Naknek, Alaska – Naknek Electric Association Road/Pad Construction

In 2009, AES and Recon, LLC designed and managed the construction of a 2 mile long road and drill pad for the Naknek Electric Association. AES completed aerial photo interpretations to delineate wetlands, gravel sources for road and pad material, and potential road alignment routes. Test pits were dug to characterize the surficial geology and to test construction material borrow sources. In addition, AES completed a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) and oversaw the plan’s implementation during construction.

Wrangell Island, Alaska – Tyee Hydroelectric Project

Robert Retherford was the lead geologist for an investigation of potential lake tap sites on Wrangell Island in Southeast Alaska. The investigation consisted of mapping the surficial geology and geologic hazards around potential infrastructure as well as completing rock strength and competency tests, and drilling.

Big Lake, Alaska- Rietz Gravel, Aggregate Resource Evaluation

In 2005, AES conducted a surface investigation and completed test pits to evaluate a potential medium scale aggregate mining operation in the Big Lake area of Alaska. Prior to fieldwork, aerial photography was interpreted and glacial and periglacial features were identified to characterize the project area and assist with locating viable test pit locations.

“So far the drillers have averaged 100 ft a day which is better than I have experienced on any other projects in this part of the Alaska Range. Your guys have gone to great lengths to maximize recovery in the mineralized structures.” Sam Dashevsky, Northern Associates