Geographic Information Services (GIS)

Our GIS services feature mobile GIS solutions, cartography, geo-data analysis and geo-database solutions customized to fit your business needs.

AES utilizes ESRI’s ArcGIS Desktop v10.1 w/Spatial & 3D Analyst, ArcPad v.7.1.1, Geosoft's Target for ArcGIS v4.0.1, Adobe's Acrobat Pro Extended v9.5.5 and Photoshop Elements v10, Gemcom’s Xplorpac v6.1.4, RockWare’s RockWorks15, and MapInfo Professional v10.

These applications, combined with our extensive knowledge of GIS operating environments across the state of Alaska, allow AES to offer comprehensive consulting, design, and development services including:

• GIS strategic planning and analysis
• Conceptual design and prototyping
• GIS process analysis and development
• Cartographic support and map printing
• Implementation hand-in-hand with the client
• Geodata modeling, including 3-dimensional data modeling
• Geodatabase design, maintenance and quality control
• Project planning with spatial information tools
• Spatial analysis

AES professionals will help you:

  • Improve the efficiency of your project
  • Customize your maps for better communication with your clients and stakeholders
  • Identify significant spatial relationships
  • Improve analysis of areas, distances and trends
  • Provide the ability to track changes over time. 

“GIS support from Alaska Earth Sciences has been invaluable to my exploration and transportation planning projects. AES is responsive and flexible, providing me with quick turn around and high quality work.” Chuck Hawley, Certified Professional Geologist