River Boys Diamond Drilling

Since 2009, AES has supported mineral exploration and geotechnical assessments with its subsidiary, River Boys Diamond Drilling Services. We own two helicopter-portable Core Drills, and they are run and maintained by an all-Alaska Native crew.

Our smaller rig is a MultiPower-built Discovery D1, which is modular and designed to be transported by a small helicopter in six lifts of 800 pounds. It can drill BTW core to as deep as 1,100 feet.

Our larger rig is a Discovery Drill Manufacturer (DDM) EF-25F Drill, which is also modular, and designed to be helicopter portable with a Hughes 500D.  It can drill HQ or NQ drill string to depths of 1,500ft (HQ) and 2,500ft (NQ).

Our rigs have been used successfully at a variety of locations, including prospective quarry sites on Kodiak Island and in Prince William Sound, in steep, mineralized terrain in the Alaska Range, and on a mineral prospect in the Russian Mountains of the lower Kuskokwim.

For more information see the attached brochure: 

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“So far the drillers have averaged 100 ft a day which is better than I have experienced on any other projects in this part of the Alaska Range. Your guys have gone to great lengths to maximize recovery in the mineralized structures.” Sam Dashevsky, Northern Associates

“I want to tell you how much we have enjoyed hosting your drill crew this summer. We have had work crews in the past and were a little skeptical about taking on a drilling crew with all of the stories we have heard.

I'm here to tell you that your drillers are definitely a cut about the rest. Each and every one of them we've had on the job here are fine respectful, thankful, kind, considerate, gentlemen. They are to be commended for the new image of the Alaskan Driller that they portray.

I would welcome them back at the Lodge any time, whether on work or pleasure.
Thanks again for hiring a great bunch of guys.”
John Rusyniak, Log Cabin Wilderness Lodge