Diamond Drilling Projects

Kuskokwim Project, 2009

Drilled 3,275’ in mountainous terrain for Full Metals Minerals, with helicopter support from Chuathbaluk in southwest Alaska.

Shakmanof Project, 2010

Drilled 1,200’ on Kodiak Island for Koniag Corporation prospective quarry. Logistics relied on Alaska State Ferry to Kodiak, beach landing craft to northeastern Kodiak Island cove, and helicopter to drill site.

Tok Project, 2011

Drilled 7,256’ for Northern Associates at high elevations in the eastern Alaska Range.

Chisna Project, 2011

Drilled 2,276’ for Ocean Park Ventures at elevations of 5,000 feet to 6,500 feet in the eastern Alaska Range. Challenges included freezing weather conditions and maintaining a steady water supply in this extreme environment.

Council Project, 2012

Drilled over 3,700 feet at the Council Gold Project west of Nome.  

Shotgun Prospect, 2012

Drilled over 2,500 feet at the Shotgun Prospect about 100 miles north of Dillingham in Southwest Alaska.

Coal Prospect, 2012

Drilled over 1,500 feet of specialized coal drilling (very slow for full recovery) at a prospect near Chickaloon in Southcentral Alaska.

Nickel Prospect, 2013

Drilled over 3,700 feet at a Nickel Prospect in the Talkeetna mountains.  Very difficult drilling through thick overburden.

Prince William Sound, 2015

Specialized drilling for a quarry site to determine the potential of the rock at the site in Prince William Sound.

“One of the several benefits of having geological contractors as our drilling contractor on this job is for the first time in my career, I feel like I am on the same page with our drillers.” Sam Dashevsky, Northern Associates

“I want to tell you how much we have enjoyed hosting your drill crew this summer. We have had work crews in the past and were a little skeptical about taking on a drilling crew with all of the stories we have heard.

I'm here to tell you that your drillers are definitely a cut about the rest. Each and every one of them we've had on the job here are fine respectful, thankful, kind, considerate, gentlemen. They are to be commended for the new image of the Alaskan Driller that they portray.

I would welcome them back at the Lodge any time, whether on work or pleasure.
Thanks again for hiring a great bunch of guys.”
John Rusyniak, Log Cabin Wilderness Lodge