Our Projects

Exploration of Underground Coal Gasification (UCG) Resources in the Beluga Field

Alaska Earth Sciences, building on a long-standing relationship with CIRI (Cook Inlet Regional Corporation) and knowledge of known coal occurrences in the region, brought Laurus Energy to Alaska in 2009. Laurus is a leading developer of underground coal gasification projects in North America.

AES has provided project management, logistics and full geologic support to CIRI’s Underground Coal Gasification project based in Beluga, on the western shore of Cook Inlet. 

The objective is to identify a UCG resource to fuel a 100-megawatt combined-cycle power plant on the west side of Cook Inlet. Exploration to date has included a geologic mapping project, a two-phase core-drilling program in 2010 and 2011, and a 2D seismic survey in 2011-2012.


Coal Development in the Chickaloon area

Alaska Earth Sciences provided geologic consulting, community engagement coordination and diamond drilling support to Riversdale Alaska for their coking coal exploration project adjacent to Chickaloon, Alaska.  AES helped decipher the complex geology of the coal field. Geologic consulting consisted of field mapping, coal seam correlation, structural interpretation and a JORC compliant geological assessment.


Coal Development in the Wishbone Hill District

Alaska Earth Sciences has been working for years to develop the coal resources of the Wishbone Hill District in Jonesville and Sutton. 

In 2010, AES provided technical management for Usibelli’s coal drilling program near the southwest end of the Wishbone Hill syncline. The project marked the first time that Usibelli has stepped out from its Healy coal operations to consider the development of the high-btu bituminous coals of the Wishbone Hill area.

AES has also:

  • Staged several community meetings in Jonesville and Sutton to address local concerns about coal development 
  • Provided core-logging and geological support for exploration programs in the district



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