Canadian Exploration

Alaska Earth Sciences is a recognized leader in providing geologic consulting expertise and support to the natural resource and mineral exploration industries. Since 1985, we have offered a wide range of services to state agencies, native corporations, and mining and exploration companies. 

Alaska Earth Sciences, Inc. has expanded into Canada.  Our subsidiary, Canada Earth Sciences, Inc., is based out of Vancouver, BC.  We have several years experience working in Canada, most recently as project managers and consulting geologists at the Springpole Gold Project in NW Ontario. Through our Canadian subsidiary, we can provide project and operation management services, consulting geologic services, and also streamline payroll and tax withholdings, workers compensation, and relevant insurance

Mineral Exploration

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“We’ve been instrumental in the early stages of development of some of Alaska’s greatest mineral prospects and mines. There are more Red Dogs and Pebbles out there just waiting to be discovered.” Bill Ellis, Vice President